Mornings with Deniro

Eric Deniro

Born at Cape Canaveral Hospital, I am a native Floridian. I am 79 years old .I have been on the air here in Brevard on and off for almost 70 years. In fact I invented radio!
I am a huge sports fan. My favorite teams have been my favorite teams all my life (no front runners allowed). My beloved Los Angeles Lakers (remember the Magic didn’t exist when I was a kid), the Dallas Cowboys and Florida State.
In my free time you can find me walking on the Beach and sand along our rivers looking for seashells. My family and I have been collecting shells for years and even started a facebook page dedicated to it. If you would like to see what we have found and what you could find, too, check out The Shell Raisers.
Like everybody else I watch too much T.V. Some of my favorites are Justified, Deadwood, Sons Of Anarchy,Tosh.0, South Park, The Andy Griffith Show, Jackass and I still watch Frasier (yes I like Frasier).

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